I'm Stephanie!

nice to meet you.

I am 21 years old. I currently live in southern Kentucky, but I spent most of my years in Northern California, so that explains why you'll hear things like, "Hella," and "I reckon so," come out of the same mouth. I am the youngest of six, so I'm super easy-going and can nap literally anywhere.

I am married to my best friend of all time, Tyler.  You'll most often hear me refer to him as my "stud-hubbs" or "forever boyfriend." He is my greatest supporter + best friend, and I couldn't do life without him. 

Now, for some rapid-fire fun facts: 

- I love the sun, and will take absolutely any opportunity to nap while basking in its rays (yes, like a cat). 

- I talk/sing constantly (just ask my husband), and being silly is second nature for me. 

- I have a 100lb Great Pyranees named Appa, after a character on Avatar: The Last Airbender, and she is my absolute pride and joy.

- Aaaaand I can make latte art, say the alphabet backwards and hula hoop for like, hours.


I hope you enjoy poking around my site. Wedding + portrait photography is what I was made to do. I'd love to get to know you, capture your happiest moments, and open your eyes to

how beautiful you are.